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πŸ’Έ Wholesale Product Prices

What is wholesale product prices?

Wholesale Product Prices - an add-on that allows to specify different prices for products depending on the quantity in the customer's shopping cart. For example, you can make it so that if customer is buying 1 unit of a product - it will cost $100 USD, and if a customer is buying 50 units - price per one unit will be $80 USD.

How to set up wholesale product prices?

Open your Dashboard β†’ go to the Add-ons page.

Enable Wholesale Product Prices add-on.

Go to the Products page β†’ click βš™οΈTable settings β†’ check the Wholesale Product Prices option.

Configure wholesale prices:

Using Dashboard:

Click Edit in the Wholesale Product Prices column.

In the Min. quantity field, you need to specify the quantity of the product.

In the Price field - the price that will be applied to the product.

Click Add button.

Click Save button after you finish adding wholesale prices.

Using Google Sheets:

⚠️ It is assumed that you have already connected Google Sheets. If not click here.

Open Products sheet.

Find pricePerQuantity column. If you are sure you don't have it - create it manually.

Add wholesale prices using one of the following formats:

First format

Second format
2;25 / 10;20

Import Products data to your shop-bot.

To display wholesale prices:

Open the Settings page β†’ General tab β†’ Product card template section.

Add $priceInfo$ variable

Updated on: 28/04/2022

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