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🚩 Step 1: Create and configure a bot for Telegram shop

1. Create a Telegram bot

1.1. Go to @BotFather.

1.2. Click Start.

1.3. Send /newbot to the chat.

💡 The name can be changed after bot has already been created.

1.4. @BotFather will ask you to enter a name for your new bot.

The name of the bot will be displayed in the contact list and in the title of the chat.

Come up with a proper name for your bot and send it.

⚠️ The username cannot be changed after bot has already been created!

1.5. @BotFather will ask for a username for your bot.

The username of the bot should:
Be unique
Contain only Latin letters, numbers and underscores
End with the word bot
Have length from 5 to 32 characters

Come up with a proper username for your bot and send it.

1.6. In response, you will receive the bot's HTTP API token.

Copy that token.

1.7. Go to the Dashboard

1.8. Click + NEW BOT button.

1.9. Pop-up window will appear.

Paste the HTTP API token you have copied into the API Token field.

1.10. Click + NEW BOT button to confirm.

2. Configure your bot

2.1. Return to @BotFather.

2.2. Send /mybots to the chat.

2.3. Choose your bot.

2.4. Press Edit Bot and then... change the name of the bot:
click Edit Name → send the new name. change bot profile text:
click Edit About → send new text for bot profile. change the text of the bot's primary message:
click Edit Description → send new text for the bot's primary message. set an avatar (picture) for the bot:
click Edit Botpic → send a new picture.

3. Proceed to the next step!

Updated on: 14/05/2023

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