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🤖 Shop-bot: Settings & Options description

"General settings" section

Bot Token - a field for HTTP API Token generated by @BotFather. Use this field to update OR swap Telegram bot token.

Language - a default language of your bot. Supported languages at the moment: English, Ukrainian, Russian.

Phone number example - a phone number template that will be displayed to the customer if Phone number request step type is added to the Checkout tab.

Timezone - used when the time of the bot is limited. The default value - your local timezone.

Currency - used in products catalog and for invoicing. If you enable Use currency code instead of currency symbol option, the currency code will be shown. Example: it will be USD instead of $.

"Welcome message" section

Welcome message - the first message the bot will show to the customer. You can select multiple pictures to be attached to the message.

The start message has two fields that can be used to separate long text.

Use $contact_first_name$ and $contact_username$ variables inside "Welcome message" fields to display customer's name and username respectively.

Also, you can attach links, geolocations and additional text on button click.

"Catalog view" section

Catalog view - defines how your products will be displayed:

Compact view
Hide price - hides price in product button.
Fast order - if enabled, after product button click the quantity of the item will be requested without entering in the product card.

Single page view
Inline view
Show all products by default - if enabled, if the search query is empty, all products will be shown.

"Product card view" section

New type of the Product card view allows customers to add products to favorites, specify the desired quantity and also immediately shows the total amount of the order in the basket. We DO NOT recommend to use the Old version.

"Hours of Operation" section

Hours of Operation - the setting that allows you to limit the time when the shop-bot will actively accept orders and show the catalog.

The message that will be displayed to customers outside of working hours can be configured in the Texts page, ID of the text: non_working_hour.

The bot shop will work from the time specified in the Start field until the End time.

If the Restrict checkout only option is enabled, customers can interact with the shop-bot during inactive hours, but they won't be able to place an order.

"Required order value" section

Required order value - allows you to set the minimum and maximum order price.

Orders that do not meet defined price range will not be processed.

If you want to remove this restriction just delete the values in both fields.

Texts that are shown to the customers when they go over the allowed price range can be changed on the Texts page, IDs of texts: too_small_amount_for_order and too_big_amount_for_order.

"Show «Apply coupon» button" section

Show «Apply coupon» button - setting that controls whether to show the coupon code button in the shop-bot or not.

If disabled, it will be impossible to enter the discount coupon.

If enabled, the button be displayed in the Cart.

Maximum discount amount - limits the discount amount for all created coupons.

"Hide empty categories" section

Hide empty categories - if enabled, categories without products will be hidden in the shop-bot.

Number of columns of categories buttons - number of categories that will be shown in a row.

"Keyboard settings" section

Number of columns in bottom keyboard - number of keyboard buttons that will be shown in a row.

"Product card view settings" section

Show «Buy» button - if enabled, «Buy» button will be shown.

Show "Instant order" button - if enabled, "⚡ Buy in 1 touch" button will be shown. By pressing it, a new order will be automaically created containing the chosen product. If a product has variations - only the main product (parent) will be added to the order.

Show «Favorites» button - if enabled, «Favorites» button will be shown.

Show «Continue Shopping» button - if enabled, «Continue Shopping» button will be shown.

Show «More» button - if enabled, «More» button will be shown.

Show «Cart» button - if enabled, «Cart» button will be shown.

Always display all product variations - if enabled, all product variations will be displayed in the product card.

Fast order - if enabled, -1 and +1 buttons to decrease and increase the product quantity won't be displayed. After product button click the quantity of the item will be requested without entering in the product card.

"Other settings" section

Show «All in-category products» button - if enabled, when entering category "A", a button will be displayed that allows you to view products within all subcategories in category "A".
In this case, it is recommended to assign products only to the last category.

Disable purchases with fractional quantities - this setting applies only to the New product card type. If disabled, customer can enter fractional numbers to specify product quantity. This is useful if you are selling products by weight.

Enable stock management - if enabled, you must specify quantity for each product. When your customer makes an order the remaining quantity of products will be automatically reduced. When the product will go "out of stock", it will not be possible to add it to the cart OR place an order that contains it.

Show «Out of stock» products - if enabled, you can show products even if they went "out of stock", giving the ability to add them to favorites, for example.

Group products by category in receipt - if enabled, the names of products in the cart will be grouped by their categories.

Show left products quantity in receipt for operators - if enabled, the receipt of a new order will show the balance of products in stock at the time of sale.

Private bot - if enabled, all customer will be considered as "blocked" by default. Only shop-bot's administrator will be able to manually give access to the customers via Users page.

Require phone number - if enabled, all new customers will have to share their phone number with your shop-bot.

Show filters - if enabled, attributes filters will be displayed.

Single agent per order - if enabled, restricts to change order's agent. Once an agent is assigned with an order only admin can re-assign it.

Show «Back to shopping» button in cart - if enabled, «Back to shopping» button will be shown in the Cart.

"Product card template" section

Product card template - the format of the product card that is displayed
You can write any text there, as well as use product variables.

For example:

$name$ - displays the product name.

$description$ - displays the product description.

$price$ - displays the price of the product.

$stockQuantity$ - displays the stock quantity.

$affiliateInfo$ - displays the name of the branch, important information and the hours of operation if the branch is closed. Related to 🏬 Branches add-on.

$bonusesToBeReceivedLabel$ - displays the amount of bonuses the customer will receive. Related to 🪙 Reward and Referral System add-on.

$creatorLink$ - displays a link to the post's author. Related to 🪧 Bulletin Board add-on.

$createdAt$ - displays "created at" time. Related to 🪧 Bulletin Board add-on.

$priceInfo$ - displays different prices per quantity step. Related to 💸 Wholesale Product Prices add-on.

You can apply markdown formatting: *bold*, _italic_.

"Default product image" section

An image that will be displayed for all products that don't have their own image.

"In-bot payments" section

Learn more in 🚩 Step 4: Connect Payment Gateways

"Order statuses" section

Order statuses - allow to change and track order stages/statuses.

By default, the customer will not see the status of its order.

If you enable Notify the client about status changes option, customer will receive notifications with current order status.

Each order status has an option Prohibit order modification by operators - if enabled, as soon as the order switches to the status you've set, agents will no longer be able to edit it.

You can switch statuses both in the Dashboard and Telegram itself. To do this in Telegram, click on the button with the current status and all available statuses will be shown.

Updated on: 04/10/2022

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