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🪙 Reward and Referral System

What is reward and referral system?

Reward and Referral System - an add-on that allows your customers to receive bonuses for purchases and invited customers.

💡 Customers can use bonuses to pay for the products.

💡 1 bonus = 1 monetary unit in your shop-bot's currency.

How to set up reward and referral system?

Open your Dashboard → go to the Add-ons page.

Enable Reward and Referral System add-on.

Read more about the add-on.

Bonus types:

Fixed - the customer will receive the fixed number of bonuses specified by you.

Percent from order - the customer will receive the number of bonuses equal to the percentage of the order amount specified by you.

Total of individual product bonuses - the customer will receive the number of bonuses, which will be calculated from the value in the bonusesAmount field for each product.

🎲 Dice 🎲 - the customer will receive bonuses after rolling the dice at the end of the order.

For the dice, you can set 1 of 2 available types of bonus accrual: fixed value or percentage of the order.

The number of accrued bonuses must be entered for all six faces of the die.

The roll result is random and is calculated on the Telegram side.

Events for accrual of bonuses:

Event: "New client visit by referral link"

Event: "First order"

Event: "New order (except first one)"

Event: "Order status change"

Set up the display of the bonus balance.

Go to DashboardKeyboard page → add a button of the Settings type.

By clicking on it, the customer will see a message with the number of accumulated bonuses. This message can be changed on the Texts page, the ID of the text is addon_bonuses_yours.

Add the ability to use bonuses.

Go to the Settings page → Checkout tab. → add a step with the Bonuses usage type.

💡 The customer will be able to use all or only part of the bonuses by specifying their amount in the reply message.

Updated on: 28/04/2022

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