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📖 Product Booking

What is product booking?

Product Booking - an add-on that allows your customers to be sure that they will definitely get their product and no one will buy it while they are placing an order.

After an item was added to the cart, it is already considered as "purchased" for time specified by you (10 minutes by default). Other customers won't be able to buy it. After "booking" time expires, if the order has not been placed, other customers will be able to buy the product.

⚠️ Booking time is extended each time the customer changes the cart.

How does product booking work?

There are 10 t-shirts and 1 hoodie in your stock.

Customer A adds 5 t-shirts to the cart.

Customer B no longer able to buy 6 t-shirts within 10 minutes, because only 4 t-shirts are available at that moment.

If Customer A browses your shop-bot for 9 minutes and eventually adds 1 more hoodie to the cart - the booking for both t-shirts and a hoodie will again reset to 10 minutes from that moment.

If Customer A does not place an order and does not change the cart within 10 minutes, Customer B will be able to buy all the products.

How to set up product booking?

Open your Dashboard → go to the Add-ons page.

Enable Product Booking add-on.

Click Settings button to set the booking time (in minutes).

Updated on: 28/04/2022

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