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🔍 Product Attributes

What are product attributes and why are they needed?

Attributes - specific parameters that you can create, configure, and assign to each product.

✅ It will be easier for your customers to find and buy your products if you have the right attributes set up.

How to add and use product attributes?

✅ If you don't see the Attributes column, click ⚙ī¸ Table Settings and enable the option.

Using Dashboard:

Go to Attributes page.

Click the Add attribute button. A new template will be added to the table.

Give the attribute a meaningful name.

Select one of the three available types for the attribute: String, Number, List value.

Go to Products page and set created attributes for each product.

Using Google Sheets:

Open Google Sheets table.

Go to Attributes sheet, use the columns:

attribute_id to enter the attribute unique identifier.

name to enter the attribute name.

type to specify one of the three attribute types: listValue, number, string.

values to specify a value (for the listValue type multiple values can be specified separated by commas).

Go to Products sheet.

Add one column for each created attribute in the format:


Go back to your Dashboard → Settings page → Integrations tab → Google Sheet section

Import Attributes and Products data into the shop-bot.

How to display product attributes in the product card?

Open your Dashboard → go to Settings page → General tab → scroll down to Product card template section.

Add as many lines as you need (one for each attribute you want to display) in the format:


Save settings.

Updated on: 29/04/2022

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