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How to send a newsletter?

Open your Dashboard and go to Newsletter page → Send newsletter tab.

Enter the text of the message to send.

Test the newsletter by clicking the Send only to me button.

After you verify the message is correct, send it to all customers by clicking the Send to every body button.

Tips & Tricks

Up to 10 files (images or videos) can be attached to a newsletter.

Newsletters without attachments will be processed faster: 10 messages per sec.

Newsletters with attachments will be processed slower: 1 message per sec.

You can use variables to personalize your emails. Example: add the variable $contact_first_name$ to the text to mention customer's name.

The newsletter text will be formatted. In the Table 1 below you can see how links should be rewritten if they contain _ (underscore) character.

Table 1

Updated on: 27/04/2022

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