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💱 Multicurrency

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What is multicurrency?

Multicurrency - a feature that allows you to set prices of your shop-bot's products in different currencies.

Important points

The currency code should be specified according to the ISO 4217 standard as a three-letter alphabetic (alfa-3) currency code (Example: USD, INR, EUR, BRR).
By default, all products have the same currency as the standard currency of the shop-bot, but you can set any other specific currency per product.
You can set the exchange rates yourself. If you have not done so, the rate from will be used (exchange rates are updated once a day).
If the currency code is not found or incorrect, the product price will not be converted.
Prices in the Dashboard (Checkout flow, Discount Coupons) are specified in the standard currency of the shop-bot.
Client bonuses are stored in the standard currency of the shop-bot and are not converted when it is changed. Example: you had USD set as a default currency of the shop-bot and the client accumulated 1000 bonuses. After changing the currency to BRR, the client will have 1000 BRR bonuses.

How to set up multicurrency?

Using Dashboard:

Open your Dashboard → go to the Products page.

Click the ⚙ī¸ Table settings button → check Currency option.

Use the Currency column you've enabled in the products table to set the ISO 4217 codes per product.

Google Sheets:

⚠ī¸ It is assumed that you have already connected Google Sheets. If not click here.

Open Products sheet.

Find currencyId column and use it to set the ISO 4217 codes per product.

Import Products data to your shop-bot.

You can also set the exact price in other currencies through Google Sheets:

Open Products sheet.

Add the pricePerCurrency.CURRENCY_CODE column. Example: if you specified the currency of the product as BRR and want prices in USD to be not at the standard rate, but one and a half times higher, create the pricePerCurrency.USD column in which you will write the desired price.

Import Products data to your shop-bot.

How to set your own exchange rates?

Open Currency sheet.

Add needed ISO 4217 codes into sourceCurrency and targetCurrency respectively.

Set the exchange rate in the rate column to convert prices from sourceCurrency to targetCurrency.

⚠ī¸ Please note that you need to specify all possible combinations of exchange rates. For example, if you foresee the conversion from BRR to USD and from USD back to BRR, you need to specify two different rates for the BOTH cases.

Import Currency data to your shop-bot.

Updated on: 04/05/2022

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