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đŸ“Ĩ Custom Orders

What are custom orders and why are they needed?

Custom Orders — a feature that allows you to create a flow of custom questions similar to the Checkout flow. You can use it to gather additional info, accept submissions and reviews, or receive files and documents from your customers.

How to set up custom orders?

Open Custom Orders page → Configurations tab.

Click Add new configuration.

After it will create a new custom configuration template, you can edit its Name and Final message fields.

Click Configure button.

Use General tab to assign specific agents that will receive notifications and process the custom orders.

Use Configuration tab to create and configure question steps that will be shown to the customer. Note, that both the Custom Orders and the Checkout share almost all the step types.

💡 If you have difficulties with setting up the custom orders, we recommend reading 🚩 Step 3: Configure a Checkout Flow

After you create the custom orders' configuration, go to Keyboard page.

Add Custom order button type → in the Message / Settings column, choose needed custom orders configuration.

💡 You can create multiple custom orders' configurations and bind every one of them to its own keyboard button.

✅ Learn more about the custom orders step types in the Appendix: 🔀 Checkout & Custom Order Flow: Step types

Updated on: 23/04/2023

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