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πŸ”€ Checkout & Custom Order Flow: Step types

βœ… Every step in the Checkout or Customer order flow will have an additional Back button that brings the customer to the previous step (in case customer needs to edit his answers).

Step types

Open question - Receives a text message from the client as a response. By default, the bot suggests the user previous answers (this option can be disabled).

Predefined answers - Shows the client a list with predefined answers. You can assign each option with its own price. The Number of columns in a row option sets the number of buttons in one row. The Enables payment option is required to activate payment by card.

Phone number request - Displays a Share Phone Number button if this is a new user, or suggests to use a previously saved number. If you remove this step, make sure you know how to contact the client.

Location request - Gives the client the opportunity to share their location. The order information will contain a link to the location in Google Maps. You can also accept text if you are not sure about the accuracy of the maps (to do this, enable the Accept text input option).

Media request - Provides the ability to accept a picture, video file, audio file, video message, voice message, text as a response. The maximum file size: 20MB. If there is such a step type in the checkout or custom order flow, then any agent will be able to download the files sent by the client to their device.

Bonuses usage - Allows to use earned bonuses. Client can send a text response with the number of bonuses from the client or use buttons Use all and Skip step. In the message, you can use the $bonusesCount$ variable, it will display the current number of bonuses user has. Works only if the Reward and Referral system add-on is enabled.

Send message - Sends a text message to the client.

Multiple predefined answers - Shows the client a list with predefined answers. Client can select multiple options, all they will be displayed in the order details.

Exit without save - Terminates the checkout process and sends a message to the customer.

Final confirmation - Shows the client the order details and gives the opportunity to confirm or reject checkout. This step type must always be the last one to execute order placement OR any payment charges

Save and Exit - Saves the client’s responses and creates a new order without additional confirmations.

Updated on: 07/06/2022

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