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🪧 Bulletin Board

What is bulletin board?

Bulletin Board - an add-on that allows you customers to add/post their own products or classified ads to your shop-bot.

💡 Enable "Media Gallery" add-on to allow your customers upload up to 10 images per product/classified ad.

Bulletin board ads placed by your customers will automatically expire and be removed after the time specified by you. Before the expiration date, the customer will be notified and will be able to renew the ad if necessary. You can specify the required number of categories and attributes for ads per categories to make the content of the shop-bot more informative.

How to set up bulletin boards?

⚠️ The feature for direct product/ad sales (customer-to-customer) is still in development. Before you set up the bulleting board: open the Settings page → General tab → scroll to the Product card view settings section → disable Show "Buy" button option. As a temporary solution, we suggest writing the seller's contacts in the ad description - familiarize your customer with that necessity. You can add this information to the Welcome message.

Open your Dashboard → go to the Add-ons page.

Enable Bulletin Board add-on.

Click Settings button.

Read the information about the add-on below.

Settings description:

Number of days the product/ad will be active - the number of days after which the product/add will expire.

Number of days added after renewal - the number of days by which the product/ad can be extended by the customer. The renewal button is shown in the product card and in the message about imminent deletion.

Number of days the owner will get notified prior the product/ad removal - the number of days when the customer will get notified prior to removal of the product/ad. The notification message has alert_about_product_deletion ID in the Texts page, in case you want to change it.

Minimum number of product categories - the required number of product/ad categories (products/ads with fewer categories will be hidden).

Maximum number of product categories - the maximum number of product/ad categories (products/ads with more categories will be hidden).

Show only required attributes - if the setting is enabled, users will be able to select only those attributes that are assigned to categories of the product/ad.

Open your Dashboard and go to the Keyboard page.

Add Store management type button.

Give the button a descriptive name that will properly describe its functionality. Example: "My ads".

✅ After Store management type button is clicked default messages will be displayed. You can change them on the Texts page by their IDs: my_store and my_products.

After that everything should work. You can also assign required attributes to categories. To do this, first add attributes in the appropriate page, and then go to the Categories page and select the required attributes in the Required attributes column.

Updated on: 28/04/2022

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