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🏬 Branches

What is branches?

Branches - an add-on that allows you to keep a separate account of products in the inventory, by creating and setting up several branches.

This add-on allows:

Setting different limits on the minimum and maximum order amount

Setting different hours of operation for branches

Setting up different checkout flows

Assign different agents to each branch

Send new order notifications to different email addresses

How to set up branches?

Open your Dashboard → go to the Add-ons page.

Enable Branches add-on.

Go to the Branches page and add the required number of branches. Set them up according to your preferences.

Assign your products to newly created branches:

Using Dashboard:

Go to the Products page → press the ⚙️ Table settings button → check the Branch option.

Select one of the branches you created for each product.

Using Google Sheets:

⚠️ It is assumed that you have already connected Google Sheets. If not click here.

Open Branches sheet.

Copy the branch ID number from the affiliate_id column.

Switch to Products sheet.

Paste that branch ID number into the affiliate_id column for every product you want to be assigned to that branch.

Import product data to the shop-bot.

Read the information about the add-on below.

Things to consider:

After you enable Branches add-on, you can add Catalog by affiliates button (Keyboard page) to display products sorted by branches they are assigned to.

For products from different branches, the customer will need to place separate orders in the shop-bot.

Products will be grouped in the shopping cart by their branches.

A product can only be assigned to one branch.

Hours of operation of one of the branches will not affect the whole shop-bot - it will only block the orders from being placed.

On the Settings page → General tab, in the Product card template section, you can add the $affiliateInfo$ variable. After adding it, the product card will display the name of the branch, important information, and the hours of operation if the branch is closed.

All texts related to this add-on can be found on the Texts page by searching the ID field for the word affiliate.

After exporting products to Google Sheets, you will have access to a new field affiliate_id for editing - a unique affiliate identifier.

Updated on: 02/02/2023

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